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Regrettably, the current scientific research focuses far too often on the coloration of the water instead of looking at the beneficial physiological effects produced within the body and within its energy networks. Even nowadays, with scientific research proving negative ions’ effectiveness and benefits, many publications are often discarded or not properly distributed. However, the very numerous personal testimonials continue to accumulate.

For those who are incredulous and curious, I strongly suggest the following documents, from which we have excerpted a few relevant passages. These books, written by experts in the field, are excellent scientific references supported by rigorous testing, which clearly outline the many benefits of negative ions.

French book « Ionisation Santé-Vitalité: Les bienfaits des ions négatifs »

livre sante ionisationDr. Hervé Robert, lecturer at the College of Medicine, Paris XIII, and specialist in medical communication. Here are some excerpts from his book, freely translated.

« Supplementation with negative ions is not a luxury, but a necessity, a vital requirement, intended to ensure the permanence of and respect for the fundamental mechanisms of life. Negative ionization and its beneficial effects on the human body remain scandalously ignored. »

« P. Berthelon declares that electrical hygiene and electric therapy are new sciences of indisputable importance. It has been clearly demonstrated that negative ions have a real beneficial effect on the human body. A scientific historian might be surprised that it took so long for this message to spread given the ancientness of these discoveries and the research surrounding them. »

« During the Second World War, German submarines were equipped with negative ion-producing devices because the first signs of ionic deficiency are loss of vitality and chronic fatigue. »

« Negative ions are, above all, ‘oxygen’ ions (Prof. Métadier had termed them ‘oxions’), and our well-being depends on their presence in sufficient quantities in our environment. »

« Negative ions have a positive effect on animals, plants and insects. They destroy bacteria and fungi and stimulate cell reproduction. Given these observations, it is difficult to invoke the placebo effect to explain the results obtained. »

« Negative ions have positive effects on serotonin levels, on the endocrine glands, on the Krebs cycle, on the oxygenation of tissues, on the vegetative nervous system (VNS) and on cellular exchanges. They are an excellent energizing supplement for athletes, the elderly, the sick and anyone seeking to maintain and increase their well-being. »

The ION Miracle « The benefits of negative ions on physical and mental well-being »

livre-ion-miracleJean-Yves Côté, independent Quebecois researcher, wrote a compilation of scientific facts proving the importance of proper negative ion supplementation in our lives. Here is an excerpt:

« Thanks to negative ions, burn victims in Philadelphia are healed, asthma and pulmonary allergies are relieved, athletes perform significantly better, reflexes are improved, the menstrual cycle is normalized, sexuality improves, microbes are killed, etc.»

The Ion Effect « Revolutionary discoveries reveal that electrically charged particles in the air may control your moods, health, and sense of well-being »

Fred Soyka was physically and emotionally imbalanced until a doctor suggested that there was «something electric in the air» that could be making him sick and depressed. This remark catapulted Mr. Soyka on an odyssey of scientific discovery regarding the effect of ions. Here are some excerpts from his book:

« Negative ions regulate levels of serotonin, a neurohormone that, in excess, causes insomnia, nightmares, mental, emotional and psychological stress, anxiety and depression. Relief of these conditions occurs with supplementation with negative ion. »

« Dr. Stark says that the naturally ubiquitous ionization surrounding us is comparable to the water in which humans swim; without it, we cannot survive, much like a fish out of water. »

« Negative ions, essential for the creation and maintenance of any form of life, form an integral part of biological activity. Scientists have never found that an «overdose» of negative ions does anything more than keep one more alert, more active and more functional throughout the day. »

« In 1977, there were already around 5,000 documented scientific experiments supporting the conclusion that while an overdose of positive ions is bad for the human body, supplementation with negative ions seems to promote well-being. »

« Dr. Albert P. Krueger of the University of California says that the scientific community is taking too long to seriously consider the important influence of negative ions on energy level and overall health. »

« Russian Olympic athletes astonished the world and had a special training technique unknown in other countries. Today, we believe that this secret weapon was supplementation with negative ions. »

« Some researchers argue that negative ions, without additional treatment, are able to cure asthma and bronchitis attacks more quickly and effectively than drugs and antibiotics. »

« By 1975, a German doctor had treated more than 11,000 people with negative ion therapy. Certain Brazilian hospitals use negative ion-based devices for the treatment of respiratory problems and for allergy relief. »

« Nearly 60% of North Americans who live and work in cities (urban areas) suffer from positive ion poisoning. Those who drive, in particular, are highly affected by such negative ion deficiency. »

« Discoveries made by Russian scientists indicate that negative ions are particularly valuable as a medical therapy in cases of physiological abnormalities and have little effect on healthy people with no negative side effects. »

French book « Mes secrets naturels pour guérir et réussir »

Rika Zaraï is a bestselling author and pioneer in natural health. Here are some excerpts from her book, freely translated:

« Negative ions reduce nervousness, stress and anxiety. They thus facilitate better – deeper and more restful – sleep. They are indispensable for providing refreshment, improving reflexes and increasing speed and endurance – in short, for improving our physical performance. »

« The energy of negative ions continues to astonish us. Yogis call it Prana. We are only beginning to measure the full extent of its benefits. Flus, sore throats, colds, asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis are relieved, oxygenation is infinitely better and the hypothalamus and adrenal glands are reinvigorated. »

« Like everything in the universe, we operate on electricity. Changes in the intensity of this electricity thus affect our behavior. Each of our trillions of cells needs this energy (bio-electricity) to function. »

« Leading scientists, including the Soviets Tchijewsky and Sokolf and the Frenchman Jacques Métadier, haved formally established the danger of an excess of positive ions as well as the benefits provided by negative ions, which produce a kind of physical and mental euphoria, support good sleep and rejuvenate the body. »

« The engineer, Pierre Fluchaire, believes that the lack of negative ions and the excess of harmful positive ions in large cities is a cause of aggression and violence. »

« Negative ions thin and oxygenate the blood, which facilitates its circulation and improves mental processes (memory, concentration and attention). »

« No organism can stay alive without the benefits provided by negative ions. Without them, we may die of asphyxia because oxygen cannot penetrate into the body, which, in turn, becomes clogged with metabolic waste and toxic acids. The effectiveness of the immune system is then compromised. »

Cancer is a Fungus « A Revolution in Tumor Therapy »

Dr. Tullio Simoncini is a specialist in oncology (the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and tumors). Here are some excerpts from his book:

« When the body contains a lot of toxins, the immune system becomes damaged or destroyed to the point that people suffer from various kinds of infections and complications. When the immune system is strong, cancer cells are destroyed and the formation and growth of tumors is prevented. Cancer cells hate oxygenated environments and grow best in acidic environments deficient in oxygen. Acidity has thus become the disease of the millennium. »

« A fungal infection in an acidic medium always forms the basis of neoplastic formations, which then attempt to spread throughout the body incessantly. The growth of fungal colonies, along with the reaction of the tissue against the invasion, causes the tumor. There is only one cause of cancer: Candida »

Alkalize or Die « Superior health through proper alkalineacid balance »

Dr. Theodore A. Baroody, N.D., D.C., Ph.D. Here is an extract of his book:

« Virtually all degenerative diseases, including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney and gallstones, and tooth decay, are associated with excess acidity in the body. The countless names attached to illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause, too much tissue acid waste in the body. It is necessary to remove excess acidity from the system so that the tissues become aerobic and the DNA self-repair mechanism can function. »

French book « Le secret de la longévité: Comment inverser le processus de vieillissement »

Sang Whang, engineer and scientist. Here is an excerpt from his book, freely translated:

« Metabolic activity necessarily produces wastes that are acidic, and this acidity must absolutely be removed to maintain good health. The aging process and disease are caused by the accumulation of acid waste in the body. To reverse the process, it would be sufficient to eliminate these accumulated residues. »

Various Well-Received Publications

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, chemist and winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize in Medicine

« Abnormal cells thrive in an acidic environment. Cancerous tissues are acidic, while normal tissues are alkaline. Cancer always begins when a cell is filled with acidity that damages DNA; ALL cancers have this point in common. What is important here is that cancer, once present, is a problem caused by INTRACELLULAR ACIDITY and OXYGEN DEFICIENCY. »

Dr. Aubrey Keith Brewer, researcher on the causes of cancer

Results included on a U.S. government medical records site ( and published in the prestigious medical journal Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1984;21 Suppl 1:1-5.

Brewer noted that carcinogens (Candida fungal colonies) affect the cell membrane and that basic minerals like calcium (Ca), sodium (Na) and magnesium (Mg) are no longer able to enter a healthy cell once affected. Not only does the acidified cancer cell lack oxygen and water then, but it also no longer receives these three alkaline minerals capable of neutralizing intracellular acidity.

He sought to discover whether there were other alkaline minerals able to get inside a cancer cell in order to neutralize its acidity. Testing on 30 human patients with cancer demonstrated that cancerous tumors disappeared upon supplementation with potassium (K), rubidium (Rb) and ionized cesium (Cs). He added that cancer-related pain also disappears within 12 to 36 hours. Dr. Sartori and Dr. Warburg also confirmed these results.