Side Effects


Temporary side effects, also known as the «recovery phase», are often felt during and after the purification process. Essentially, certain physiological or psychological symptoms can temporarily inconvenience people that are adhering to the ionic detoxification process (generally lasting less than three days). These side effects, which are often uncomfortable, prove that the elimination process is effectively working on the blood circulatory system and the lymphatic system. On occasion, side effects are linked to an improved flow of energy and an increase in metabolic activity, which allow for the elimination of the body’s toxins and erase the body’s cellular memory. The following is a list of the primary side effects that can appear after the initial sessions:

Frequent urination
Thirst or a strange taste in the mouth
Headaches or light nausea
Profuse sweating or skin break-outs
Light vertigo or swelling
Loose stool, diarrhea or bloating
Fatigue or sore muscles
Cold symptoms, fever or a cough
Crying or increased emotions
Drink lots of filtered and fresh water
Drink lots of filtered and fresh water
Drink lots of filtered and fresh water
Drink lots of filtered and fresh water
Eat a healthy meal
Exercise and breathe deeply
Relax and avoid stress
Relax and avoid stress
Be compassionate toward yourself








When you experience a “recovery phase,” it is important to understand that you are not sick. Your symptoms indicate that your body is trying to flush out toxins. Once the body is ready, the immune system will gather all its strength to carry out an extensive cleansing phase with the intention of flushing out all the build-up and accumulated waste from the body. The body will “bring back” the old illnesses you’ve had in the past in reverse order, kind of like playing a movie backwards, especially if the illnesses were treated by drugs. The duration of this process depends on the age of the person and the illness severity.

Conserve as much of your energy as possible to allow your body to do its job and fight the illness. If the energy reserve is not enough to re-establish the body’s equilibrium, the body will not bring on the illness. During this time, eat foods that are easy to digest, such as fruits and vegetables, and drink lots of water. The reactions that you are feeling are the body’s way of rediscovering its balance and its strengths. Remember, the result after every “recovery phase” is a feeling of overall enhanced well-being.