Trials and Analyses


When the human body has a negative ion deficiency and is acidified and toxic, cells suffocate to death (deficiency of O2), dehydrate (deficiency of H2O), crowd together and merge their membranes. As a result, membrane permeability and the area necessary for the proper functioning of important ionic channels are greatly diminished. Over time, the body, in pain, becomes more and more toxic, inflamed and unable to transfer essential nutrients necessary for regeneration, repair or replication of the cells that constitute it. This state of poor red blood cell functioning can be observed by a special microscope


Commonly called «live blood analysis» or «nutritional microscopy», one approach is to take a drop of blood from the fingertip and place it, without adding stain or solvent, between a slide and a slide cover under a VISION SANG-T microscope. This powerful microscope allows one to examine a blood sample using a monitor magnified to more than 1,000 times. Greater magnification with specialized lenses, compared to a conventional microscope that magnifies only 100 times, allows for improved examination of blood characteristics. One can thus observe red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, precipitated colloids and other elements present in the blood sample. Characteristics of blood components (size, shape, number, etc.) give us a portrait of the quality of blood oxygenation, immune system status, clotting ability and the degree of pollution or poisoning of the blood.

In this area, we consulted Suzanne Bouchard (picture on the left); a competent practitioner who carried out the analyses presented below. A graduate from the Collège Médecine Douce du Québec (Alternative Medicine School of Quebec), she studied the methods of the German and French biologists Guenther Enderlein and Gaston Naessens (picture on the right), with the latter living in Canada since 1964.

We chose two people who had never tried our FLEX-ION ionic bath in order to compare the blood characteristics before, during and after a certain number of ionic sessions. Two 30-minute ionic sessions were conducted per week with at least a three-day interval.

These tables reflect the results of analysis obtained:

Persons aged 47: See Table (PDF file)

Persons aged 56: See Table (PDF file)

The results obtained demonstrate the changes in visual characteristics of red blood cells after 7 weeks (a total of 14 ionic sessions). Red blood cells regain their individuality and decoagulate to provide more surface area for exchange – that is, greater efficiency in the uptake and transfer of nutrients, precious oxygen and water. Several aspects and characteristics of the blood significantly improve.


In this regard, please read the testimony of Moisette Boucher who obtained very interesting and conclusive results of a blood test, which was performed in a hospital.


We were also curious to check the effect of the ionic bath on the subtle energies of human beings with a biofeedback machine, also known as «7 wheels of light», which appears to be the most technologically advanced system in the field. Biofeedback is the science of examining and measuring unconscious physiological parameters in order to view them on a computer. Kirlian photography is a technique imported from the USSR that revolves around taking pictures of the electric aura surrounding all living creatures.

Results clearly show that negative ions have a soothing and balancing effect on energy bodies. Generally, a good balance between the intake and expenditure of negative ions (electromagnetic balance) helps to balance the bioenergetic behavior of body fluids, relieve mental hyperactivity and reduce emotional stress. It is not uncommon to experience spontaneous emotional releases during the first several ionic sessions, followed by a state of profound well-being, lightness and calm. Many people compare the effect of ionizing bath session to a walk in the mountains or meditation. Even those most skeptical about the technology tend to leave their first session with a smile on their face.

Please read the testimony of Eric Hamel, energy therapist to see his interesting comments and observations on this topic.