Effects of Pollution


The importance and usefulness of the detoxifying ionic bath has become increasingly evident in today’s modern world. It is important to understand the elements and factors that negatively influence the body’s healthy functioning and its overall well-being. Below are the five major factors contributing to loss of vitality and the disruption of our fragile cellular balance.


My university education in chemical engineering helped me understand the need for keeping our living environment clean, the importance of flushing out the toxins from our bodies and the different chemical residues that we absorb in the products we use on a daily basis. Nowadays, there are contaminants everywhere – in our air, water, food, in our personal care products, etc. To better understand the impact of this modern phenomenon, I strongly recommend the document HOMO TOXICUS.


It is also of prime importance to drink large quantities of fresh water daily in order to support the body’s natural ability to flush out toxins. Drinking large quantities of water also considerably improves the body’s natural biological functions. However, if the quality and the purity of the water the user consumes are poor, the body’s ability to detoxify itself will be hindered. Presently, the system that most closely adheres to our purification rules and criteria is the SANTEVIA gravity filter and the alkaline water system sold by AQUA HEALTH PRODUCTS. If you need more information regarding the importance of hydration, I suggest you read the French book, Votre corps réclame de l’eau, by Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj and published by Jouvence.


It is important to understand the degree to which invisible electromagnetic waves are harmful and detrimental to the human body. Unfortunately, such pollution (smog) CHECK is poorly regulated and rarely included in the results of pollution testing made available to the public. The human body itself is a complex system, which produces its own chemical reactions, electrical influxes and magnetic fields. Essentially, in our daily environment, the sources of electromagnetic pollution are numerous. The most hazardous sources of this type of pollution are electric distribution networks, telephone wires, mobile telephones, cordless telephones, cordless computer networks (WLAN, WiFi and WiMAX), Bluetooth devices, dangerous electric meters and, most controversial of all, microwaves.


It is important to understand the impact that your residence (i.e., house, apartment, condo) can have on your well-being. Construction materials, the methods used to fabricate these materials, the air quality within the building and the location of your residence can all negatively affect your health and well-being. These are definitely factors that need to be considered when evaluating your general health.


It is impossible to make a list of the most common pollutants encountered by humans without including a person’s thoughts and feelings. Current research has indicated that there is a tremendous correlation between a person’s negative thoughts and feelings and his or her well-being. Negative thoughts and feelings are stored in the physical body as memories and can create physical symptoms or even cause illnesses. The unbalancing effect of these negative thoughts and feelings can also create a blockage or barrier that imped the proper flow of the body’s energy and the movement of the physical body. On this subject, I strongly suggest you read the French book, Guérir en comprenant les messages de nos malaises et de nos maladies, by Claudia Rainville and published by Québécor.

The omnipresence of toxic chemicals, cellular dehydration, electromagnetic pollution, household pollutants and mental or emotional stresses continually undermine and negatively affect our physical bodies. Consequently, these varied sources of pollution rapidly exhaust the precious reserves of negative ions stored in our bodies. As a result, our bodies begin to produce an excessive amount of harmful positive ions and acidifying agents (free radicals)..

Here are the toxicity and the acidity harmful effects within the physical body:

  • Damages and stresses the body
  • Drains vital energy reserves (anions)
  • Increases harmful and acidifying free radicals
  • Overloads and disrupts the filtering organs
  • Weakens metabolism and immune system
  • Accelerates cell degeneration
  • Encourages premature aging
  • Promotes generalized dysfunction (ailments and diseases)
  • Facilitates the growth of harmful microorganisms (fungi, yeasts, parasites)