The FLEX-ION Advantage


  • Ingeniously, professionally and proudly made in Canada (Quebec) by ECODETOX
  • Innovative technology for supplementing negative ions within the whole body
  • Effective, secure and easy-to-use “ANION” alternative therapy
  • Generates electrically charged particles in the water basin through a hydrolysis reaction
  • Ionizing concept recently viewed on TV news at FOX 61 and Entertainment Tonight (ET)
  • Exclusive, stylish, strong, quiet, compact and safe device
  • Large, bilingual and tactile Soft Touch control screen
  • Automatic stabilization of electrolysis parameters
  • Intelligent internal processor (helps avoid user errors)
  • Telluric frequencies generated in the water (body inking)
  • Eight symbols of sacred and vibratory geometry included in its manufacturing
  • Capable of facilitating the rise and opening of the user’s consciousness
  • Multifrequency integrated “ZAPPER” as an additional option to eliminates parasites
  • Simple and adjustable programming to acidity level of user’s body
  • Operable on one or both sides simultaneously
  • Heating infrared belts included
  • Powerful, certified power supply unit (200 Watts) assembled in Canada
  • Self-adjusts to 110V or 220V electric current
  • Complete owner’s manual, formation, service and exclusive 24-month warranty

FLEX-ION Technology

NORMALIZE your ionic fields.

RECHARGE your body’s electricity.

RESTORE your cellular walls’ permeability.

RELEASE your energy and vitality.

BOOST your metabolism naturally.

STIMULATE your immune system’s defenses.

DE-ACIDIFY & DETOXIFY your whole body.

CLEANSE your internal filtering organs.

OXYGENATE & HYDRATE your tissues.

SLOW premature aging.

IMPROVE & BALANCE your mood.

LOWER your stress and anxiety.

DECREASE your inflammatory pains.

INVIGORATE your appearance (skin, eyes and hair).

ELIMIMATE your harmful pathogenic microorganisms.


Despite all the controversy and misinformation, ionic baths (or electrolytic baths) have grown by leaps and bounds, earning respect and trust from users. This technology easily wins over even the most skeptical users after only a few sessions. Until now, the problem has been a lack of tangible information and well-trained sales representatives or spa users who can adequately promote the product.

In recent years, we have carefully analyzed most imported ionic baths to provide our customers with the models that we consider the most serious in the field. The huge variety of styles, produced by multiple, primarily Chinese manufacturers makes it difficult for consumers to make an informed choice and to pay a reasonable price. Generally, there are one or several technical details that, according to our criteria, warrant a product review and correction under new standards.

EcoDetox is pleased to launch its own product in Quebec, Canada at unbeatable quality and price. Here is chart comparing our FLEX-ION technology with most other devices currently on the market.


One very significant advantage for the FLEX-ION user is the device’s easy programmability and intelligent, automatic controls. For example, sound- and light-based warnings were created to indicate poor band conductivity and low sea salt levels, which must be added to the water basin to achieve the minimum required electrical conductivity. If the limit is exceeded, the intelligent processor adjusts its own parameters to avoid excessive amperage, which, in turn, prevents the need for bothersome water changes and dilutions. Moreover, the device generates so little internal heat due to the quality of its electrical components that it was not necessary to install noisy fans, which are often a source of mechanical defects.

Another important aspect of our device is the electrical certification of its powerful 200-watt, 24-volt power supply (converter). The converter meets American, Canadian and European electrical standards (UL, FCC and CE). This ensures not only that the power supply construction is considered safe, but also that the converter will be recognized by your commercial or residential insurance in the case of a claim. Indeed, if any damage is caused to your building by an electrical or electronic device not in compliance with your country’s existing manufacturing laws, you will not be covered by your insurer for such damage.

The main FLEX-ION unit can be activated on one side only (single device) or both sides simultaneously (double device) for two-person ionic sessions. Additionally, our unique heat dissipation system prevents overheating and provides much more independent power to each side.  Activation can be done remotely by telephone with your assistance.

It is clear that the FLEX-ION is not an ordinary product and is in a class all its own. Its production also strongly supports our local Quebec economy and has a minimal impact on the environment. Fortunately, despite the high costs of manufacturing and design, our selling price remains very competitive.