Zapper Technology


The ZAPPER is an apparatus which emits pulsating electric fields (PEF) in order to reduce the population of principle damaging parasitic organisms in the body. These specific frequencies and their benefits have been studied in great detail by Dr. Hulda Clark (30 000 Hz), the inventor Royal Raymond Rife (2 500 Hz) and the inventor Don Croft (15 Hz). The signals use offset positives oscillations with a voltage of 5 to 20 volts which is able to penetrate most parts of the body. It travels mainly through our fluids such as the lymphatic (lymph) and vascular (blood) systems. Acidity, stones, worms and pathogenic parasites are hiding in each one of us. They damage, destroy and tire out our metabolism resulting in abnormalities and/or dysfunctions (discomfort and illness). Are you ready to experience the FLEX-ION-ZAPPER technology?

The video below show us the parasites die on a microscope during the application of these frequencies:


Add the ZAPPER extra option on your FLEX-ION unit to obtain a synergy
of three innovative and effective technologies in the same device
(Body ionization, infrared heating belt and the Zapper)




A parasite is a tiny living organism which depends on, and attempts to profit from another living organism which is considered as a host. This can be compared to humans and planet Earth as we gain nourishment from it, live off it and reproduce on it. Certain parasites co-operate with the organism that they invade, establishing an exchange of good services, such as probiotics. Otherwise, they can act as a detrimental and aggressive co-evolution for the host. The ultimate aim of these competitive parasites is to survive and reproduce. It is estimated that more than 80% of the human population suffers from various health problems related to an elevated high a level of detrimental pathogenic micro-organisms. The latter nourish themselves to the detriment of the individual, who loses the benefits of its nutrients, leaving him tired, deficient and damaged. Without knowing, there comes a critical point when the body becomes dysfunctional or under threat by a destructive parasitic population that is too much to handle.

In any pathology, we systematically find three types of culprits:

1- Principle hostile parasites: worms, protozoa, yeasts, fungi (candida) and pathogenic viruses.

2- Polluants: chemical, physical, electro-magnetic or vibratory (emotions, thoughts, etc.). Pollutants are often the cause of parasitic invasions.

3- Metabolic acidity: stress acidifiers and free radicals. Aggressive parasites love to evolve in an ambient acidic environment.

In general, inflammatory pain is the result of a battle being fought between the rival parasitic micro-organisms which try to invade the body’s cells and the immune system’s white cells (leucocytes). This immune combat generates local heat, pressure, toxic waste products, tissue damage, and consequently, pain. Common symptoms associated with an undesirable parasitic invasion are: diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, flatulence, vomiting, fatigue, trouble sleeping and insatiable sugar cravings. Parasitic infestation exhausts the body’s immune system, resulting in the development of recurrent infections, allergies, hypoglycemia and chronic fatigue.

Several natural products are very effective in combatting a multitude of hostile parasites. Proven ingredients are extract of grapefruit seed, black walnut, wormwood, cloves, oil of oregano, garlic and pumpkin seed. One should always add good bacteria or probiotics to the diet to regain a healthy intestinal flora. Prevention is always the best initiative as a strong immune system is the best line of defense against intruders. This is why it is essential to avoid any form of sugar, wheat gluten and refined foods.

To avoid the accumulation of toxins, acidity and damaging micro-organisms in the body, it is also crucial to manage your fears (anxiety) and stress (resistance) better as this destroys an individual’s physiological and psychological harmony. In fact, taking charge of one’s health and multi-dimensional equilibrium is a challenge, but more importantly, a personal responsibility.

The Cure for All Diseases: With many case histories

The-Cure-for-All-DiseasesHulda Regehr Clark (1928-2009), independent research scientist with bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Saskatchewan and a Ph.D. degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota (1958).

Electricity can now be used to kill invading parasites and/or agressive micro-organisms in a few minutes with the help of the ZAPPER technology. Clark confirms that all cancers and many illnesses are caused by parasites, toxins and pollutants in the body. According to this lady, it is simply a question of killing these parasites at each step of its evolution and eliminating the toxins and the heavy metals in the body.